Take me to Cuba was established in 1999 and produces photography shots and moving images. We have witnessed the changes in Cuba both in our smaller professional environment and on the bigger political scale. Many times we have reported about the winds of change that over the years brought liberty and professionalism to Cuba and that not only since Dec. 17th 2015. (Thanks again Barack and Pope Francis)

“Take me to Cuba” provides the professional range of production services for advertising agencies, catalogue clients, fashion and car photographers and our producers are fluent in Spanish, English, French and German. But in the first place we speak “Cuban”, which is managing the “official” Cuba, by providing work visas and temporary importation permits for collection and camera equipment.

Cuba is a great Island to produce. But you need someone to take you by the hand. Especially the first steps are different from what one is used to in other countries. In order to work professionally in Cuba you need a work visa, a so called accreditation. It gives you the peace of mind of being completely legal and welcome, plus it assures the temporary admission of the collection and the photographer’s equipment.

So why hesitate? Send us your brief or treatment and on the bases of our well updated location data base we can check together if Cuba and the Take me to Cuba team are right for you.


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